The first post, the first meeting

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Hello everyone. This is the first post for the Vancouver Community Lab blog. It’s not totally clear what this blog will become at this point, so I won’t try to declare what it is going to be. For now, let’s just say that if you are part of the Collective and wish to start blogging here, just ask at a meeting or by e-mail, and I (Sam) can set you up with an account.

The first meeting of the Vancouver Community Laboratory Collective (VCLC?) will be on wednesday may the 5th, at the Rhizome Cafe in Vancouver, as it says on the homepage.

Hopefully we will begin posting interesting project and such soon, for now, that’s it.



  1. Hey you guys should hold your next meeting at Vancouver Hack Space ( It sounds like we have very similar missions and goals.

    VHS has been around for ~18 months, slowly growing and attracting a few new members each month. We have an events calendar up at – come join us on one of our Tuesday nights and say hi.

  2. I am so proud of you Mege 🙂

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