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ain't it pretty?

A tool co-op needs tools, right? So far we have a pretty odd assortment of tools, as I have just been collecting tools that I’ve loaned out to people or stored other places.

The List:
*Radial Arm Saw, made by Sears/Craftsman, 10 inch blade.
*Small Mitre Saw, make unknown. (Stored at Isaac’s workshop, so no photo).
*A Metal-cutting Chopsaw.
*Propane-Burning Forge.
*110 kilo Blacksmith’s Anvil
(Some pictures after the break)

Then there’s the list of possible cheap acquisitions.
*Tablesaw (large, a permanent fixture, not a dinky contractors saw) $400~
*Oxyacetylene Welding Torch, (small, beginners torch) free, currently lent to my uncle.

Metal-cutting chopsaw, abrasive blade
Anvil and forge, chillin' by the dinning room table


  1. Do you have any reamers available?

  2. Many types of sawing tools are often used for household purposes. If you give images for these tools, it will be more useful.

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