First Meeting, and Mailing List

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So the first meeting of VCL went extremely well, with a turnout of 12-14 people (with a few people coming late and a couple leaving early). Discussion was excited, and naturally hit the important topics.

A big decision that was made was to switch to a mailing list, rather than using the forums on the website. That has been successfully set up, and everyone at the meeting should be signed up. If you haven’t gotten an e-mail about it yet you can e-mail me at the address posted on the main page and I’ll correct the e-mail address, or you can subscribe yourself here. The mailing list is where the discussion is happening, so if you want to hear all the juicy details, that is the place to be.

And also, if you are interested in blogging here about topics related to VCL or a project that you are working on, just comment or shoot me an e-mail, and I can create a contributor account for you here.

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  1. Hi, found out about you guys from Justin of Grin Technologies (ebikes). I am working with a non-profit business support program downtown. We work with people kick starting new businesses and they often are looking for space to develop and work on prototypes etc. I’d love to hear what your plans are and see your space.

    Let me know,

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