We Are Moving In

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After a few attempts to find space we have ascertained the perfect space for us to gain our walking legs. Check it out on October 30th at our cleaning party. Events for more info.

For more pictures

CanĀ“t wait!


  1. Awe the memories!! Such a rad space.

  2. Looking forward to seeing this project grow and maybe even becoming a member.
    I suggest getting a Facebook page, and possibly Twitter as well for the site.
    It will help increase awareness and maybe even land you a few equipment donations. Good Luck!

  3. The outside pic brings back memories! Back in university I worked in the Finning warehouse, and that building was a heavy machinery repair bay. I remember driving a forklift past those doors with a D8 bulldozer track coiled up on the forks. Steering was a challenge; the track was so heavy (several thousand pounds) the back steering wheels kept lifting off the ground. Good times! Glad to see someone using the space in the spirit it was intended.

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