Cleanup Day and Red Gate’s Indiegogo campaign

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Today we had our first cleanup party at the Co-lab and all the familiar faces turned up. We hauled many loads of scrap metal and lumber away (big thanks to Mike for bringing his truck, without him we would have got less than half as much done). Although it was sad to see so many months of accumulated bits and pieces going out the door, it also left me feeling lighter, and looking forward to the new place we’re going to occupy in a few months. As Kim said ‘maybe we’ll even have plumbing!’

On a similar topic, the Red Gate Collective has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise awareness and funds for their and our potential co-location (along with VHS and Dynamo) at 281 Industrial. Please forward the link to everyone you know who has a stake in arts, DIY, hacking and making scene, or just everyone you know.




  1. Would be grateful to speak with someone about how you guys got started and what you learned. Might help us get started in Nova Scotia. Any suggestions ?

  2. Very much interested in joining and getting involve with this hackerspace. I have some large woodworking equipment to share. Please keep me in the loop on your progress of acquiring a new space.

  3. Might I add that I am about to embark on building a tiny house on wheels on a trailer frame and that I would be particularly interested in some secured yard space.

  4. a community lab in vancouver is a great idea. go vcl and red gate.

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