Basic electronics & microcontroller workshops

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Hey folks,


I’ve been threatening to hold some fun, free basic electronics and microcontroller workshops at CoLab for anyone interested… my goal is to simply share knowledge and possibly work with some of you to help bring your ideas alive!


I’m now shooting to put something on in around a one month timeframe. There would likely be several workshops in this series as there is too much info to cover in a single workshop. I’ll be sending out a more formal agenda in the next coming week or so.. and hopefully post to “upcoming classes” on the VCL website – once I figure out how to!


These workshops will be of interest to anyone who wants to:


…gain a basic knowledge of AC or DC electronics

…add motion to a project via electric motors, servos, or linear actuators

…add sensory detection to a project (motion sensing, human interaction, light detection, etc.)

…add lighting effects and learn the basics of controlling LEDs (single color or RBG)

…add sound to a project

…automate operation of solenoids, relays and other actuators

…learn the basics of programming small, embeddable controls into their project

…Use inputs to personal computers as means to manipulate visuals/sound


The ideas I have listed here are just guidelines – I’m very open to taking this in any direction that seems relevant!


The workshops will center around using open source hardware and software in keeping with the community spirit of CoLab and the Maker movement!


Some cool links:


Open Source microcontroller hardware:


A truly awesome repository of electronics tutorials:


Some ideas for inspiration:


An amazing multiplatform open source software suite for interactive design

(this software can interact with the arduino or any hardware connected to your computer – could cover this off in later workshops)



These workshops should be fun and FREE – I don’t think I would need to charge for the workshops unless it makes sense for me to supply standard  kits of materials just so everyone has exactly the same gear. I’m thinking that laptops would be a prerequisite.






  1. EXCELLENT IDEAS! can’t wait to learn me about electronics

  2. Fantastic! I’ve always wanted to learn about electronics… 🙂 When were you proposing?

  3. Sounds great. Please let me know when you’ll run workshops and may I bring my 13 year old. He’s wanting to build a computer and this would be a great start.

  4. I’m very interested in this type of workshop.
    Please follow up on this post when you have more info.

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