New collective in the Eastside Culture Crawl inspires and empowers artists

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There’s an exciting new artist collective to visit in this year’s Eastside Culture Crawl.  The Vancouver Community Laboratory (CoLab) will not only inspire you to create your own works of art but can empower you to do so.

Jodi Stark

Artist: Jodi Stark

The CoLab is a member-driven workshop where tools, space and skills are shared.  This is not-for-profit where artists, makers, hackers and tinkerers of all sorts can create, build, experiment, destroy and rebuild.  It’s based on the belief that everyone has the desire and ability to create things and can be trusted to develop the skills needed to do so.

What makes it unique

What makes the CoLab unique is just how inclusive and accessible it is.  In North America’s most expensive city, having industrial art space in a central, easily accessible location at an affordable price is no small feat.
Jodi Stark, one of the CoLab’s board members says  “By the end of a weekend of touring around the Eastside Culture Crawl I’m always so inspired and fired up to make art, but up until I joined the CoLab, I didn’t have the right space or tools to do the things I was most interested in.  Now, with the CoLab I feel empowered to experiment and create, without it breaking the bank.”
There are different levels of membership to accommodate different levels of use.  All members have an equal say in collective decisions.

Artist: Ron Simmer

Artist: Ron Simmer

From the practical to the zany

The CoLab has everything from Burning Man art cars to tiny homes, from tall bikes to driftwood lamps, and from steel sculptures to upcycled art.

In this year’s Culture crawl, expect to see sculpture, furniture, paintings, metalwork, photography and multimedia art.  Browse the artists from the Vancouver Community Laboratory in the Eastside Culture Crawl here.

And getting better

Recently, the Vancouver Community Laboratory received a Cultural Infrastructure Grant from the City of Vancouver to improve on the existing infrastructure of the facility.  These generous grants offered by the city acknowledge the importance of arts and culture to the health and vibrancy of our community.

“We are extremely grateful to the city for the grant.  It is allowing us to make long-lasting and much needed improvement to the space that will expand our opportunities to contribute back to Vancouver’s artist community” Kim Cooper, one of the CoLab founders and current board member.

Artist: Kim Cooper

Artist: Kim Cooper

Keeping it green

The new sharing economy is at the heart of the CoLab’s vision of reducing waste, sharing resources and building a better, more collaborative community.  Sharing tools and space allows the CoLab artists to be efficient.  And at the CoLab, one person’s waste is another’s resources. Many CoLab members work with reclaimed materials and focus on fixing, rebuilding and upcycling rather than discarding and buying new.

Artist: Lesha Koop

Artist: Lesha Koop

November 15-17, 2013

The CoLab will open its doors to the public for the Eastside Culture Crawl.  All are welcome to check out the space, the art, meet some of the CoLab member and start dreaming up some projects of their own.


Address: 1907 Triumph St (Victoria, one block south of Powell)

Jodi Stark, CoLab board member and Eastside Culture Crawl artist.

(604) 339-2263
Kim Cooper, CoLab board member and Eastside Culture Crawl artist.

(778) 994-1274,

Artist: Ben Cooper

Artist: Ben Cooper



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