Tiny House Workshop

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Do you want to know more about tiny houses?

Do you want to know what’s involved in building tiny houses?

Do you want to learn construction skills?
The Vancouver Community Laboratory is hosting a series of hands on tiny house building workshops this summer in association with Camera Buildings, a local tiny house building company. Workshops start July 5 and run until August 31 and take place 9am-12 noon Saturdays and Sundays all summer.
Please note: Most workshops have a hands on elements which require a safety orientation unless otherwise indicated. We have set dates for orientations here.

The Workshops:
Intro workshop

Whether you are somewhat interested or unsure if you want to build a tiny house, this workshop is for you!

Learn about legality & expected costs, explore your design & layout, learn about safety, loads, egress, building envelope & provisions for energy and waste.
Participants will also have the opportunity to learn about our other workshops this summer.

Note: This workshop does not require a safety orientation. If you are considering signing up for future workshops, all participants must attend a mandatory safety orientation prior to the workshop date. Safety Orientations dates are posted here 
Tickets are $75 and are available here
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9 Week Intensive
For those who are planning to build a tiny house, but feel they are lacking some (or all) of the skills, knowledge or techniques required to feel confident in their build.
Outline for the 9 week Intensive is the same as the 1, 2 and 3 day workshops.
We offer discounts if you are missing a weekend or two!
Note: This workshop require a safety orientation which MUST be attended prior to the start of the workshop. Safety Orientations dates are posted here 
You can register here via our crowd funding campaign for access to sliding scale registration.
1, 2 or 3 Day Workshops
Interested in learning about a few subjects but can’t commit to the whole 9 week series? The weekend workshops might be a good fit for you.
We are offering 13 individual 1, 2 and 3 day workshops on a range of subjects from July 5-August 31.
The Workshop outlines are and links for registration are available here
By participating in this workshop you are participating in a community art project! 
The Tiny House Building Workshop Series brings together communities of trades workers, architects, designers, inventors & artists to host a hands on construction workshop. The end product of the workshop is an inspiring off grid Tiny Community Center!
Hopefully we will see you this summer!