Look some posters to look at

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We are Born

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We have exited the womb of Ad-hock and enter the big wide world as an incorporated non-profit society….(wow man there sure lot paper work out here)…… and after  a bit of  negotiation we have been granted the legal name Community Laboratory Society. Soon after being born it looks as if we have found our first home for us play and grow in!

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Open Data Rocks, City owned properties on Gmaps

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If you have never checked out the COV Open Data Catalogue, it’s time to go take a look (link). While it may be just a boring set of lists of location and scheduling data, the things that it can be made to do are very useful. Take Vantrash.ca for example (link), a service assembled in spare time by a couple of VHS guys. Another excellent example, the Google maps which was assembled using the city’s database of their own properties. (map) Every property shown is owned by the city. Super useful if you ever want to ask the city for a place to start a social...

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It may have been a month since our last update, but the time has not been idly spent. Not a weekly meeting has been missed, and a solid nucleus of active members seems to be coming together. As our goals solidify and the immensity of the undertaking becomes increasingly more clear, volunteers continue to appear with amazingly timely contributions of skills and resources; a confirmation of our hopes that the VCL is going to embraced by many facets of Vancouver’s creative community. The most significant progress to report is that we are currently in negotiations with a benevolent...

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First Meeting, and Mailing List

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So the first meeting of VCL went extremely well, with a turnout of 12-14 people (with a few people coming late and a couple leaving early). Discussion was excited, and naturally hit the important topics. A big decision that was made was to switch to a mailing list, rather than using the forums on the website. That has been successfully set up, and everyone at the meeting should be signed up. If you haven’t gotten an e-mail about it yet you can e-mail me at the address posted on the main page and I’ll correct the e-mail address, or you can subscribe yourself here. The mailing list...

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The Torch is here!

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The welding torch that is! My uncle dropped it off this morning, the kit is put together by IOxygen. Includes; -three cutting nozzles (#00, #0, #2) -four welding nozzles (#00, #0, #2, #4) -Rose heating tip -Half full oxygen and acetylene tanks -Hoses -Dial Valves -Flashback arrestors -Nozzle cleaning files -Welding goggles -Spark igniter Can’t wait to have a space to use it...

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