Cycle Savers Launches!

Vancouver Community Lab to build outstanding bike racks for East Van Cyclists.

The Vancouver CoLab, a non profit co-op of wood and metal workers has been awarded a City of Vancouver public art grant to design and build whimsical and sturdy bike racks for the cycling community of East Van. These bike racks will be an asset to the Vancouver cycling infrastructure as well as unique works of art to enhance our local street experience.

Called “Cycle Savers” the intention of the program is to collaborate with small business operators such as coffee shops and craft brew pubs to design secure and beautiful bike racks to accommodate many customers at a time. CoLab volunteers will work with each client group desiring a new bike rack to design and build an attractive rack that will be a landmark in the local streetscape. The City of Vancouver will provide support and permits as needed.

Cycle Savers kickoff reception happens Thursday, 24th of August at the MakerLabs at the corner of Hawks and Cordova streets from 6 to 9 PM. Please bring your ideas for a bike rack in your neighborhood!  Register here!

The first project will be integrating a large bike rack into a 20 foot stainless steel fire belching dragon for the MakerLabs building. Fabricated for Burning Man events, the dragon (minus the fire effects) will be part of an in kind agreement with MakerLabs.

The Vancouver Community Lab is an open and accessible workshop where makers, hackers, artists and tinkerers can create, destroy and re-build. CoLab members work on personal, group or community projects.  Funding to pay for space, tools and consumables comes primarily from membership dues.

Located at 1907 Triumph St., near the corner of Powell and Victoria Drive.

Our CoLab Volunteers

Ron Simmer – Bike rack coordinator & PR maven.

Nathyn Sanche – Dragon master fabricator.

Janet Mader – Designer extraordinaire, expert welder & movie prop maker.

Scot Wheeler – Marketing genius, rainmaker & fixer.

Lesha Koop Hines – Metal artist, professional welder, instructor & teacher.

Jim Hoele – Mutant bike fiend, critic, quality control guru.

Marty Mclennan– CoLab board member -mover and shaker & supervisor.

John Blake – Professional shipbuilder, fabricator, welder, teacher.

John Maidman – Professional shipbuilder, fabricator, welder, instructor.

Kim Cooper – Star CoLab manager & cat herder.

Yves Millette– Best organized finance controller ever.

Ian Powell – Red seal welder, fountain of jokes.

Sher Bent – A for Effort, all the time.