Things I Want to Make

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Things I Want to Make

A running list of things i must make in the CoLab (if you have suggestions or comment, feel free to leave em below):

1) Industrial Crank Table

industrial crank tableSmall apartments don’t leave a lot of room for chairs, so all we have are counter stools. We have a great space where a breakfast table could go, but if it were as tall as a stool, it’d block our awesome view. SO… a table that can raise and lower is a must.


2) Self-Defense Suit

defence-suitI’ve taught martial arts for many years and can attest that the best way to hone your ass-kicking skills is to use them in as realistic situations as possible. Of course, not everyone likes martial art competitions or being an asshole at the bar, so being able to beat the crap out of an instructor and not worry about causing him permanent damage would be invaluable.

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  1. this are awesome things to make!! please post progress pictures 🙂

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