To become a member of the Vancouver Community Laboratory, you need to complete the following:

  1. Attend our Monthly Meeting (refer to our Calendar for date + arrive early for a shop tour!) 
  2. Register at our meeting and sign a waiver
  3. Pay the annual registration fee and monthly membership fees
  4. Attend a Safety Orientation.

Check our calendar to find out when our next Shop Tour and Monthly Meeting is scheduled. Once you have attended our meeting, sign up to become a member. Once your payments have gone through, get in touch with one of our Safety Officers to book your Safety Orientation: to set up a safety orientation.
Shop Tours always start at 6:30pm
Monthly Meetings begin at 7pm
New member sign-up takes place at the end of our meeting.

You will begin at the CoLab as a Drop-In member, and will have the opportunity to join the waitlist and apply to be a Keyholder after getting into the shop.

Questions? Email

Keyholder Membership

Note: we have reached our Keyholder membership cap, potential new Keyholder members will be added to a waitlist until further notice.

Keyholder membership offers 24/7 access to the CoLab
In order to become a Keyholder, a minimum six month commitment is required. Keyholders have additional responsibilities including attendance at monthly meetings, hosting Open Hours, and taking on a task-specific job to help run the workshop.

winged key

$100 damage deposit
$100 yearly membership
5 hours of volunteer time/month

There is a $90 penalty if you cannot complete your monthly volunteer hours or have a shift replaced by another ultimate member.
Payments are made via WAVE accounting software.

Drop-In Membership

Becoming a Drop-In member, you will have access to space and equipment during scheduled drop-in times. Attendance at monthly meetings is required.

Drop-in times are Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm-10pm and Sundays 10am-6pm. Sometimes irregular drop-in hours are posted, so please check our calendar.

$100 yearly membership


Semi-Private Space

We have  a number of 100 sq/ft semi-private blocks of space however, at the moment, all our semi-private spaces are occupied and there is a long wait list.