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: June 29, 2013 18:26 : News, Tools

2013-06-28 21.32.44

There’s a new tool hanging out at the lab these days, thanks to VCL’s new best friend Fred.

Here’s his description of the new beast.

I think this particular mill will be perfect for your workshop as it’s probably the most common home shop mill you can find in NA, it has mods galore, and it easily behaves like a traditional drill, but with much higher precision. The vise I added makes it a great “prototype” tool because you can set up and secure small parts quickly.

This model is pretty much the one all other plants work from. Various Chinese and Taiwanese plants will clone it to varying levels of quality. The one I bought is a clone, but that was actually made to higher standards than the rong-fu and has a widest x axis table.

It’s has 23 inches of x- travel, which allowed me to place an entire 19″ rack mount audio gear panel and machine it.

You should check out this guy’s page, he has some awesome information on this mill.
his is called a zx-45, but as you’ll see it’s identical to the one on your floor.

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