Building a Stair/Shelf

Isaac and I are building a combination staircase and set of shelves. It will come to 7′ high and allow us to access the second floor of our mezzanine structure in the semi-private space. It will also be on wheels, allowing it to be used to access other high parts of the Lab 🙂

We are using entirely reused lumber, which we scrounged from pallets dumpsters and alleyways. Using found material makes it a creative exercise even more than just creating something. It forces us to work with the materials we have in hand, rather than devising a plan and simply implementing it. Found material also creates a very appealing asthetic, with visible signs of previous uses, weather and decay.

I will try to follow up with more photos as we continue and finish the build.

Here’s the base of it. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo with the two stairs on it before we put it away.

Here’s some of the mess we made while working.

And these are some of our reference drawings on the big beautiful black board wall! Yay!

The Lab was very busy today, especially during drop in hours. It’s always nice to stop and chat while you’re busy getting shit done.

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