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Bandsaw Repair

I spent some time repairing the metal chopping bandsaw. Cut a new temporary bracket with oxyacetylene.

Sharpening took a while. I tried using a file on each tooth at first, which worked for maybe six cuts before it dulled again. Then I took a dremel to each tooth to deepen the valley between teeth, before simply running a sharpening stone backwards over the flats of the teeth. That did the trick and I got a lot more cuts out of it.

There is still something wrong with how the blade is held, as it cuts everything at a funny angle. But it’s good enough for now.

The Aluminum Foundry

The aluminum foundry is propane fired using a venturi nozzle built from pipe fittings. The burn chamber is an old propane bottle that was thoroughly cleaned out before being cut open with a cutting wheel on an angle grinder.

Here’s an example of what I’ve done with it.


The mould is made from greensand (a mixture of fine silica sand, bentonite clay powder and water)