The Colab Space

The metal area has work tables, saws, welders, grinders, plasma cutters, clamps and a nice fume extractor.

Wood area has multiple work tables and enough space for small, medium and large projects.

We have a garage entrance and members can bring their cars in for tuneups if the shop is not too busy.

Backyard area seem from the outside.

The backyard has a flex space where members can work on larger projects and paint tent and designated spaces for rent.

Inside of the paint tent.

The textile area has sewing machines and accessories.

Wood dust extractor. It sucks the dust good but is very loud at 81 dB(A). Bring your ear plugs or you will slowly loose your hearing permanently.

Duct system connecting our various tools to the dust extractor.

We have 4 locations like in the image below that we use to provide cubbies for our active members to store smaller tools and materials.

Downstairs studio spaces.

Upstairs studio spaces.

Downstairs studio spaces.