Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CoLab?

The CoLab is a space to create and a community to learn and share. Click here for details.

Who can join CoLab?

Anyone is welcome to join the CoLab! Whether you are an artist, a professional maker or looking to develop new skills, you are welcome to join.
If you are thinking about becoming a member, please attend one of our monthly Prospective Member Tours and stay for the meeting to understand how we operate. Refer to our online calendar to see when our next tour is scheduled:

Who runs the CoLab?

The CoLab is community run. That is why it is important for members to attend meetings and engage in our online community.

There are two types of membership: Drop-in Members and Keyholders. New members join as Drop-in Members and have the option of becoming Keyholders as spots become available. Drop-in Members are able to access the shop during Open Hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm-10pm and on Sundays from 10am-6pm. Keyholders have 24/7 access to the shop and are responsible for hosting Open Hours once per month and have designated responsibilities. All members are expected to attend and vote at monthly meetings.

What tools can I use?

There are 3 kinds of tools in the CoLab:

1) Communal Tools: These can be used by anyone that has been vetted to use them. We hold mandatory safety vetting sessions as part of our on-boarding process.

2) Semi-private Tools: These are marked tools that belong to individual members and can only be used once you have permission and training from the owner. If you are unsure whether or not a tool is semi-private, ask the host on duty.

3) Private Tools: These tools are private property of individual members and are stored in their personal space such as their cubby or semi-private studio.

What tools do you have?

We have a large list of tools ranging from small hand tools to industrial machines in our metalwork, woodwork and textile areas.  A current list of tools can be found HERE.

How much does membership cost?

Keyholder Membership: $100 Yearly fee + $100 Damage Deposit + $130 monthly fee
(6-month commitment)
Drop-in Membership: $100 Yearly fee + $65 monthly fee.
Terms and conditions for joining can be found by here for more info.

How do I join?

 Come for our Prospective Members Tour and stay for the Monthly Meeting.  Refer to our calendar to see when the next tour and meeting take place. Details on our membership can be found here.

Is there project storage?

 There are designated areas for project storage. Small projects can be kept in your personal cubby. Larger projects can be kept on designated shelving as long you are actively working on them. You must label your project with your name, contact information and date. Projects that are left inactive for over a month will be phased out of storage and eventually recycled. For special projects, members can negotiate to rent out space with the permission of the membership. There is no long-term storage unless you have acquired semi-private space. CLICK HERE for more info about spaces.

Can I drop by to see the space?

 Sure! Drop by during our Open Hours to see the space or come for a Prospective Members Tour before our Monthly Meeting and introduce yourself! Check our Google Calendar for times: CALENDAR