1907 Triumph St

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver CoLab

The Vancouver Community Laboratory is a collaborative workshop space with industrial scale tools for working with wood, metal, and textiles with a community of people with expertise to draw upon.

About the CoLab

The Vancouver Community Lab is a member-based collective where makers, craftspeople, artists, innovators and tinkerers can create, make, destroy and rebuild.

We believe that everyone has the desire and ability to create things and can develop the skills needed to do so. CoLab members work on personal, group or community projects. Funding to pay for our space, tools and consumables comes primarily from membership dues.

Members run the shop together and our success rides completely on our members’ initiative, leadership and elbow grease.


The CoLab has 7600 square feet of space over two floors with communal space and tools for working with wood, metal and textiles. We also have space for outdoor work and rentable semi-private areas.

The CoLab offers short term storage for in-progress projects, free cubbies for storing tools and materials, and a small kitchen area for when you need to take a break.

The CoLab has a robust selection of tools ranging from small hand tools to industrial machines.

Member Projects

We are artists, artisans, craftspeople, carpenters, hobbyists, and tinkerers who enjoy creating, repairing, learning, innovating and sharing our experience and skills and with our community.

Wood & Steel Table

Wood & Steel Table

Roman Tarnavsky


Long Legged Friend

Long Legged Friend

Studio Heidle


Ready to build your new project?

Members have access to our space, tools, and community. We’re proud of the community we’ve built over the years, offering affordable membership rates for high quality tools and expertise, completely volunteer-run.

We hope you’ll join us!